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Taking the road less traveled

In a world that moves at an ever increasing speed, we have taken the slower path.  No one does slow quite like the French:  long walks in the french countryside, lingering cups of coffee at a terrasse cafe, sleepy streets in the mid day sun...but slow isn't just about slowing time, it's taking the time to think, to process.

Les Flâneuses takes the time to think, to dream, to explore; To travel through space and time to bring you ethically made pieces and one of a kind vintage items.

We take the time to listen and appreciate the people we work with.  We grow relationships with value and respect, from our small factory set in historical San Francisco, to our studio nestled in the foothill of the French Alps, we take pride in doing things the right way. 

Being free isn't limited to the customers who enjoy product, it's also for the women hard at work sewing each piece, for the women who hand knit out hats and sweaters, and the ones who weave our tags.

Les Flâneuses respects and honors women around the world to be free, to push boundaries, and continue exploring the unknown.

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